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Başlık: Davayı Delil Kazanır
Gönderen: Ziyaretçi - 12 Mayıs 2016, 20:10:07
   Arkadaşlar, Bir Avukatın hukuki bilgi ve deneyimi ne kadar çok olsa da DAVAYI AVUKAT DEĞİL DELİL KAZANIR. Hiçbir delili olmayan deneyimli bir Avukat Delili olan acemi bir Avukata davayı kaybeder Bu nedenle dava açacak vatandaşların önce delil toplaması sonra Avukat araması daha mantıklı olur
Başlık: Ynt: Davayı Delil Kazanır
Gönderen: Ziyaretçi - 12 Mayıs 2016, 20:10:12
Anything is possible I sppsoue? Generally we enter into these projects with the sky has no limits complex. Who knows about ZZ You will be happy to know we have multiple versions planned and home/arcade are part of our release plans.@FSX Do not worry, the game is actually not limited to a single computer mouse/icon Our prototype is currently using this interface, but it's our plans to allow up to 5 points of contact! Jumps are already possible and there are some cool details we will reveal about that element later. Bottom line Do not worry, more than 1 point of contact will happen.@Nathan I can assure you that ReRave gameplay is NOT like the Technika interface. If it was we'd be using horizontal scrolling and the user would be making continuous clockwise motions around the floor surface! You will be happy to know that we are attempting to have edit suport for users. As with any project we have a list of features that we are working through and trying to get as many into version1 as possible. We'll let you know as we reveal more details in the future.